QTC Handling

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Routing Map & Q Signals

Handling Instructions
HXA–(Followed by number) Collect landline delivery authorized by addressee within….miles. (If no
number, authorization is unlimited.)
HXB–(Followed by number) Cancel message if not delivered within….hours of filing time; service
originating station.
HXC–Report date and time of delivery (TOD) to the originating station.
HXD–Report to originating station the identity of station from which received, plus date and time. Report
the identity of station to which relayed, plus date and time, or if delivered report date, time and method of
HXE–Delivering station get the reply from addressee, originate message back.
HXF–(Followed by number) Hold delivery until….(date).
HXG–Delivery by mail or landline toll call not required. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message
and service originating station.
For further information on traffic handling, consult the Public Service Communications Manual or the
ARRL Operating Manual, both published by ARRL.

ARRL QN Signals For CW Net Use
QNA* Answer in prearranged order.
QNB* Act as relay Between _____ and _____
QNC All net stations Copy. I have a message for all net stations.
QND* Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).
QNE* Entire net stand by.
QNF Net is Free (not controlled).
QNG Take over as net control station.
QNH Your net frequency is High.
QNI Net stations report In.*.
I am reporting into the net. (Follow with a list or traffic or QRU).
QNJ Can you copy me?
Can you copy _____?
QNK* Transmit message for _____ to _____
QNL Your net frequency is Low.
QNM* You are QRMing the net. Stand by.
QNN Net control station is _____
What station has net control?
QNO Station is leaving the net.
QNP Unable to copy you. Unable to copy _____
QNQ* Move frequency to _____ and wait for _____ to finish handling traffic. Then send him traffic for
QNR Answer _____ and Receive traffic.
QNS* Following Stations are in the net. *(Follow with list.)
Request list of stations in the net.
QNT I request permission to leave the net for _____ minutes.
QNU* The net has traffic for you. Stand by.
QNV* Establish contact with _____ on this frequency. If successful, move to _____ and send him traffic
for _____
QNW How do I route messages for _____?
QNX You are excused from the net.* Request to be excused from the net.
QNY* Shift to another frequency (or to _____ kHz) to clear traffic with _____
QNZ Zero beat your signal with mine.
* For use only by the Net Control Station.

At least three unique “Q” signals were created for use on the HBN. The first one, dating from 1965, was QWW. The signal was defined as “I want words with ….” Two additional signals were defined by W8IBX (now W8IQ) in 1974. They were QPC and QDS:  QPC – “Put out several calls and report back to me.” QPC? – “Shall I put out several calls and report back to you?” QDS – “Direct stations (callsign) and (callsign) to move (up/down) and pass traffic.” QDS? – “Shall I direct stations (callsign) and (callsign) to move (up/down) and pass traffic?”