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Greetings everyone:

I am sorry that this newsletter is overdue. No excuses except rig and antenna
problems along with health issues and some laziness. I hope that you all have had a
decent summer. I do want to reach out and say that Mother Nature has not been kind to
many of us this year, and neither has Old Sol. The band conditions are deplorable. Let’s
hope that winter will bring better tidings. Congrats to our NCS team for their tenacity.

The Hit and Bounce Nets have been going under a few changes too. We have brought
in new people on both Nets, but HBSN has been a big factor. They feel more
comfortable checking in at the slow pace of the net. I will try to name them all later in
the newsletter. Since I took over both nets, I have offered CW training. I recently
emailed all of the NCS’s about this and I have a new candidate that I will start soon. I
will list traffic for him on the net, as usual, except using the letter L after the number of
messages I list, standing for Lesson. This traffic counts in the report to Will or me.

Sis, WD8DIN, has been a mainstay on HBN for many years. She has served as
manager and webmaster and published “Traffic Call” after K2GWN had to quit. She
held together the net when it was most needed. There are not enough words of thanks and
appreciation for her. She has now moved out of her NC home in Hendersonville and has moved
to Virginia, living in an Adult Care home. We wish you all the luck Sis
and hope that you will be happy there. We will keep in touch. To all of this, she had to
give up the HBN Web site, which is still good until December, she tells me.

Therefore, I had to put out some QNC’s to that effect, asking for help to pick the
website up. I had a couple of queries that did not pan out for good reasons, and I thank
those people for trying. As it turned out, a newcomer to HBN said he would give it a
shot. That someone is Eliot, KE0N in MN. I was elated. I hooked him up with Sis on
the telephone, after sending him some info and documentation. Things worked out
fine. Eliot, I thank you for your efforts and I know the rest of the net member do too.
So very important to keep our history alive and documented.

Keeping the web site up does cost money. I have the Treasury, and enough to cover
the cost. The date to start the New Year is the end of December. The cost is going to be
around $100.00 per year. I will give a report on the Treasury later. I have used very
little of it, only for stamps, envelopes etc. and Eliot is still trying to negotiate costs.
Here is a short Bio that Eliot sent me so that you can get to know him better.


I am delighted to be a part of HBN again. Under my old call WB2S, from New York
City, in the late 80’s I was a frequent check-in. Having relocated back to Minnesota I
became geographically correct (with zero land call KE0N.) My primary interests in
Amateur Radio includes CW and traffic handling, most digital modes, and some
occasional DMR and SSB at our local 160-meter watering hole. My CW time is spent
primarily with the Straight Key Century Club (Senator #265,) the TEN regional net,
HBN and rag chewing. Radios include a Kenwood TS590 and an Icom 7300 and a
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a simple wire on a small lot. My experience over the years has led to the conclusion that
CW traffic handlers are some of the finest operators and nicest folks out there. For that
reason, I am proud to be a part and contribute in a small way to HBN. (According to
him, BIG to us (Ed) 73 Eliot, KE0N, ARF.


I will be sending $70.32 to Eliot out the account as a down payment for the website.
The balance of the account since 11/16/15, was $143.86, leaving $73.54. I will be
needing to get stamps and envelopes to send the newsletter to our members who do not
have email. Therefore, I would ask you, the membership, if you see fit, to please think
about send a few dollars to replenish the account, as we will have more bills in the
future. I thank you in advance.

Here are a few reminders.
If no NCS appears to run the net, then after two minutes wait, SOMEONE start it up.
We would rather get two reports than none if you are not hearing each other.
NCS, please do not use 3.575 as a place to pair off traffic. It is used by digital, and
even now, 3.573 is the same way often. 3.570 and down is the place to go.
NCS, don’t forget to have other stations in different areas call the net (QPC) (Please
Call). It has helped so many times.

NCS, a reminder to please get reports in within 3 days of your net. Thanks.
Congratulations to Fred, now NV1N, ex AB1UF, on his new call and for bringing us
some of his book traffic for the net to handle. Thanks Fred.

Here is a list of new people who have joined us more recently. If I left you out, I
apologize. Welcome to:

George/W3GWM, Eliot/KE0N, Matt/KD8TTE, Tom/WW8D, Larry/KC0M,
Rick/KF2TP, Bill/K5NCO, Jim/K5JFB, Bill/KD5GCX, Jim/K5TSK, Mary/N9SE,
Ed/N8UN, Curt/K8AI. Thank you all and welcome, we are glad to have you.
Congrats to Bob K2TV, busy during hurricanes and even got press.

Bob was interviewed a couple of times during the hurricanes, especially during the one
in Puerto Rico, by WCBS-TV. The interview was videotaped and aired in Bobs’ shack.
The second part was taken at the EOC in Lindenhurst, NY. Nice going Bob. A feather
in your cap and for Amateur Radio.

I got a very nice Bio from Matt KD8TTE, which I will post in the next issue. I am very
happy to get these so the members can get to know everyone. I NEED MORE OF
THEM. (hint).

In closing, I want to wish all of you and your families all the best for the forthcoming
Holiday Season. Be safe, and may God Bless all of you.

73, ARF
Mark W2EAG